Connecting with the Buddhist Community


Buddhism: Researching the Religion of the Buddha

For nearly 500 years after his death, the Buddha's teachings were passed through generations of the monastic community by oral tradition. In the late first century BCE they were first written down in a collection known as the Pali Canon. Since then a variety of additional texts and translations have appeared as a means for disseminating his ancient wisdom. Now in the 21st century we have the benefit of a new medium; the Internet is a resource utilized by lay practitioners and monastics alike for bringing the religion of Buddhism to the world.

The Buddhist Faith

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The Different Forms of Buddhism

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Finding Buddhist Scriptures

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Practicing Buddhism

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Buddhist Products

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Connecting with the Buddhist Community

Buddhism has a large, vibrant community of online practitioners. Cyberspace abounds with Buddhist newsletters, directories, discussion groups, and blogs. In this section we'll direct you to some popular resources for an intimate perspective on the religion.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Approach discussion forums cautiously. Because it's impossible to know the credentials or authority of anyone posting on a message board, there's no guarantee for the quality of the information. Conversely, forums can also be excellent sources of information and customized advice. So what's the bottom line? Use them, but also use discretion.
  • Buddhism blogs are a fascinating and useful resource for practicing Buddhists and aspiring Buddhists alike. They typically offer commentary and analysis of contemporary society, culture, art, and the individual, all through the lens of Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy.
  • The Blogisattva Awards are given annually to the best English-language Buddhist blogs on the Web. Categories are wide-ranging and include best writing, blog post of the year, and best blog. Use this site to locate blogs or read the highest quality Buddhism-related posts of the year.
  • The primary publishers of blogs are individuals, but certain organizations (such as the Buddhist review Tricycle), publish blogs of their own.
  • Most blogs have blogrolls (lists of recommended blogs and Web sites found in the margins of the page) comprised of useful Web sites on related topics. Visiting a few of them is a good way to find new favorites.

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