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Religion and Spirituality

True to its mission, the Internet brings together spiritual seekers around the world, whether they are part of organized religions or on more individual quests. Even if you're not sure of your goal, join those who seek enlightenment through the Web: Explore spiritual topics, read up on current events, history, and statistics of world religions, and meet people and groups who share your beliefs.

The Beliefs of World Religions

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Data and Statistics on Religions

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Religious Organizations and Services

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Religious News

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Blogs About Religion and Spirituality

By tracking and responding to events in their respective spiritual communities, religious bloggers offer an original perspective on how religion interacts with day-to-day activities and how belief, tradition, and politics collide. You can search for a particular topic or find a blogger whose voice speaks to you. Even if a blogger does not share your personal beliefs, seeing the world through another person's spiritual lens can be an enlightening experience.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Most blogs will have a list of recommended blogs called a "blog roll" located in the left or right sidebar. If you're enjoying a blog, check out some of the other blogs the author is reading.
  • Often bloggers will have an "About Me" page that can help you better understand their perspective, but some bloggers choose to remain anonymous to allow themselves the freedom to make controversial comments without facing backlash from members of their communities who have differing opinions.

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