Origins of the Conflict in Somalia


Conflict in Somalia

The African continent’s most impoverished country, Somalia has existed for less than half a century, but has spent much of that time at war or struggling to retain stability. Split between warlords and Islamic militants, the East African nation faces an uncertain future, with little sign that change is on the way.

Origins of the Conflict in Somalia

Although the country has struggled with stability for decades, it has been without a stable government since the overthrow of Mohammed Siad Barre in 1991.

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The Somali Conflict Today

Thanks to a spike in piracy off the coast of Somalia in 2008, a renewed international fascination with the country’s overall well-being has taken shape, with no shortage of news resources tracking daily political, military and humanitarian events.

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The Impact of the Conflict in Somalia

After decades of strife, the impact of Somalia’s instability has been far and wide, creating an enormous humanitarian, developmental and judicial challenge for the region to overcome.

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