Private Organizations on Health Care

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U.S. Health Care

Health care is one of the most important topics in American politics and society today. Use this Web guide to find information on the government and non-government health care organizations that seek to educate and heal the American public. You’ll find resources for health care news, as well as information on where the current presidential candidates stand on health care issues.

Government Organizations on Health Care

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Private Organizations on Health Care

The United States government is not solely responsible for the health care of its citizens. As a result, many private institutions have emerged to facilitate greater health care availability and education for the American public. Below are some organizations that specialize in health care policy research, as well as groups striving to help American citizens by fulfilling immediate health care needs.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • There are thousands of private and nonprofit organizations dedicated to health care. We’ve recommended a few that represent different sides of the health care perspective, including organizations that accredit health care institutions and nonprofits that seek to bring health care to individuals.
  • If you want to learn as much as possible about the issues surrounding health care today, visit the organizations that represent the medical community: learning how health care professionals perceive the issues can broaden your perspective, even if the information seems technical or complex.

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Health Care News

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