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The Supreme Court: The Judicial Branch

“I believe that the establishment of the Supreme Court of the United States as a constitutional court … is the most significant single contribution the United States has made to the art of government.”
—Former Chief Justice William Rehnquist

The Supreme Court is the highest form of judicial authority in the United States. Only nine justices are given responsibility over the monumental judgments of the court, which handles matters of constitutional and federal law. Each vote is extremely influential in the structure and application of the American judicial system.

Overview of the United States Supreme Court

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History of the Supreme Court

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Supreme Court Cases

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Supreme Court Justices

Supreme Court justices are entrusted with so much authority and knowledge that they dedicate their lives to the service of the court. Because justices are nominated for life, a wealth of information can be found on each one—both those who have served, and those currently serving. These sites give you a greater understanding of the lives and personalities that make up the Supreme Court.

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News about the Supreme Court

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