History of the U.S. Electoral Process


Presidential Elections: The Electoral Process at Work

Living in a democracy is great: it creates a platform for opportunity and equality unlike any other political system. But the system is only as strong as those who make it, and the American electoral process depends on committed voters and civic-minded individuals to keep it running fairly. In 2008, Americans are once again faced with the central component in preserving the democratic system—voting for president. This guide will refresh your memory on the history of the electoral process, show you how to register to vote, and suggest some resources for would-be volunteers.

History of the U.S. Electoral Process

The United States developed an electoral process based on democratic ideals. Studying the history of American elections sheds light on the founders’ original intent as well as the contemporary value of the unique elements of the American electoral system, such as Electoral College.

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  • If you want to read about the current presidential campaign, visit findingDulcinea’s Election 2008 Web Guide. You’ll find out who’s officially running, where to get news about the campaign process, and much more.
  • As you research elements of American political history, don’t be afraid of sites geared toward kids or teens. We’ve recommended some in this guide, and you may come across others in your research. These sites can be valuable sources of information and shouldn’t be discredited just because they are presented in a simple, educational way.

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