Starting an Urban Garden


Urban Gardening

Urban gardens offer an escape from the concrete jungle you call home. Explore a range of urban garden and community garden opportunities, find advice for gardening newbies and discover useful techniques.

Starting an Urban Garden

If you’ve shied away from all things green and growing due to your urban home base, get on board! Use the introductory advice and techniques on the sites below to start and maintain a thriving urban garden.

Top Sites for Starting an Urban Garden

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Types of Urban Gardens

Even if you lack a yard or a lot of space, there are several ways to grow a garden in a city. The methods described on the sites below can be implemented indoors or outdoors, with a group or alone.

Top Sites for Types of Urban Gardens

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Composting and Rainwater Collection

Composting your food scraps and collecting rainwater are simple ways to improve the health of your garden. In the process, you’ll be contributing to a greener city. Use these sites to learn how.

Top Sites for Composting and Rainwater Collection

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Community Gardens

If you prefer a group setting, there are lots of ways to get involved in community gardens and support local farms. 

Top Sites for Community Gardens

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