Tree Houses for Adults

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Tree Houses

People around the world live in, play in and enjoy tree houses. Although commonly viewed as a retreat for children, adults are turning to the trees for a little solitude, too. This Web guide helps you find the inspiration and know-how for constructing a tree house for kids or adults. (And you don’t have to be the Swiss Family Robinson to do it.)

Kids’ Tree House Designs and Photos

Studying photographs or looking at tree house designs can help you and your kids be more creative ... read more »

Building a Tree House

There are some finer points to building a tree house, such as making sure you’ve chosen a ... read more »

Tree Houses for Adults

Tree houses aren’t just for children anymore. For many adults, they’re a trendy way to obtain a little peace and quiet outside the home, or even entertain guests. If you’re wondering whether a tree house is right for you, the Web sites in this section may help.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Many tree house builders are also experts in turning visions of tree houses into reality. A simple search for “tree house builders” in your favorite search engine may turn up someone who can help you create your perfect outdoor retreat.

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