Types of Retirement Communities


Retirement Communities

Preparing for retirement requires plenty of decisions, including how to spend your newfound free time, whether to live in a retirement community and how to make your finances last as long as possible. With the help of this Web guide, you can find a great place to retire in style and reward yourself for your years of hard work.

Types of Retirement Communities

Retirement communities are generally grouped by interest and activity level, while others are age exclusive or more health care oriented. Use the Web resources below to review the types of communities out there, and choose the community that's right for you.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • "Retirement communities" are also known as "active retirement communities," "continuing care retirement communities," "age-restricted communities," and "supportive retirement communities." Searching just for "retirement communities" will likely return results for a particular retirement facility rather than retirement communities in general.
  • Many states have agencies dedicated to serving aging populations, but the name of the agency can differ from state to state. RetirementCommunities.com lists the Web sites of "elder affairs" departments in several states.
  • This guide includes continuing care retirement communities, which most residents enter while they’re still healthy and active, and where they can remain if they eventually need more skilled nursing care. For information on nursing-oriented or assisted-living communities, see our findingDulcinea Long-Term Care Web Guide.

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