Find a Contractor for Your Home Improvement Project


Home Remodeling

An unfinished basement or attic, disused bedroom, or decades-outdated living room might seem like wasted space to some but to others, these rooms represent a world of possibility. A home remodeling project, from a subtle re-envisioning to a structural overhaul, can breathe life and energy into even the most tired, lackluster spaces, making your home feel as new as the day you moved in. In this guide we'll show you how to use the breadth of the Web to get ideas, plan your rooms, develop a budget, hire the right professionals, and more.

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Find a Contractor for Your Home Improvement Project

If yours is a big job, chances are you don't have the skills, tools, time, or know-how to complete it on your own. This means you'll need to find a contractor or other outside professional to make your vision a reality. Use the resources in this section to ensure that you select the right people for the job.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Before you use the Internet to find names of professional builders, designers, or architects, ask friends and family if they have any recommendations. Then use the Web as a tool to find out more about that person or company.
  • The sites in this section let you filter professionals geographically, enabling you to find a contractor more easily.
  • See if each professional that you're considering has his or her own Web site. Often experts have portfolios displaying their projects posted on their sites. This can help you determine if you like their work, and whether they've done something comparable to your home improvement project.

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