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An unfinished basement or attic, disused bedroom, or decades-outdated living room might seem like wasted space to some but to others, these rooms represent a world of possibility. A home remodeling project, from a subtle re-envisioning to a structural overhaul, can breathe life and energy into even the most tired, lackluster spaces, making your home feel as new as the day you moved in. In this guide we'll show you how to use the breadth of the Web to get ideas, plan your rooms, develop a budget, hire the right professionals, and more.

Design Styles

Modern, Colonial, Tudor, Southwestern: there are no one-style-fits-all looks when it comes to remodeling and design styles. This, coupled with the profusion of beautiful products on the market, means it's going to take a bit of time and research before you find a look that's right for you. Rather than picking up dozens of books and magazines on remodeling, why not use the Web for inspiration?

Dulcinea's Insight

  • A tried-and-true method for getting inspiration is to see rooms in photos or in person, and pull together the elements you like into something that's distinctly yours. As you're looking, take note of how the rooms are laid out, how they're furnished, what color palette is used, and how the rooms are lit and accented. All these factors will come into play as you plan and execute your project.
  • Although not always fruitful, image searches, such as those from Google Image Search, can yield useful photographs and Web sites. Use different keyword combinations to find examples of styles and layouts for specific rooms. "Colonial living room" or "southwestern bathroom" are some examples.
  • If the trade magazines' Web sites are too cutting edge, you might try a few of the consumer ones. In most cases, just type the name of the magazine, then dot com: for example,
  • Part of design is finishing up your newly remodeled room with some good decorating. Many remodeling sites have decorating sections, but also browse our findingDulcinea Decorating Web Guide for additional ideas.

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