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Between packing your things, transferring utility services, and finding moving help, there's a lot to remember when you relocate. The Web has resources to smooth the moving process, and to help you keep track of everything during this busy time.

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Long Distance Moving

Moving overseas is definitely more complicated than moving across the street or across state lines. Whether you've got to deal with new currency, laws, culture, or language, or if you're just moving to a U.S. state or territory that's far away, your move requires extra consideration.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Many countries have regulations and quarantine rules that apply to foreign plants or animals. Make sure you check international regulations well in advance to give yourself plenty of time to deal with vet checks or any quarantine requirements.
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture may be able to help you get veterinary and other necessary health documentation for your pet completed correctly when taking your pet to a foreign country.
  • If you just want to go on an extended trip abroad without moving permanently, see our findingDulcinea Long-Term Travel Abroad Guide for lots of helpful resources and suggestions.
  • For those looking to learn more about the country to which they'll be moving, findingDulcinea also has a large section of individual country travel guides. Many of these are tailored to tourists, but they're full of information about how to get there and how to get around, plus safety, health, currency, and language information, and even Web sites that will give you a peek into the country's history and culture.

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