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Between packing your things, transferring utility services, and finding moving help, there's a lot to remember when you relocate. The Web has resources to smooth the moving process, and to help you keep track of everything during this busy time.

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Unique Moving Circumstances

Sometimes individual circumstances add unique particulars to the moving process. Whether you're taking into consideration the special needs of moving a senior, preparing to move to college, or moving for military service, the Web provides information on special factors you should consider to make your move easier.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • If you're moving with kids, you'll need to make special considerations when packing. Consider packing your child's favorite toy in an easily accessible box to smooth the first few hours in a new house.
  • When moving a pet, make sure your pet is confined while boxes are coming in or out through open doors. When you're settled, allow your pet to go outside, but only on a leash for the first day or so.
  • The reason for your move may actually yield some good Web resources. If you're moving for college, your school's Web site might offer some useful advice you should consider about moving into a dorm. For those looking to retire in a new location, a site from an organization like the American Association of Retired Persons might be helpful.
  • For more tips about moving to college and adjusting to college life, see our findingDulcinea College Living Web Guide. If you are considering a move for your retirement, see our findingDulcinea Retirement Planning Web Guide for financial tips. For more resources about the military and military life, see our findingDulcinea Military Web Guide. If you are moving because of a divorce, our findingDulcinea Divorce Web Guide can help you with the legal and emotional aspects of going through a divorce.

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