Lawn Care


Lawn Care

If you're a homeowner, you probably know that one of the most labor-intensive areas of your home is your lawn. Keeping it beautiful takes work. During World War I, President Wilson's wife, Edith, kept a small flock of sheep on the White House Lawn to reduce the manpower required to maintain the grounds. But since we can't all have a four-legged lawn maintenance crew, the Web sites in this guide will help you become your own lawn expert.

Choosing, Planting and Growing Grass

All grass is not created equal, and not all grass can stand up to the types of wear and tear ... read more »

Mowing and Watering Your Lawn

Mowing and watering your lawn are two regular lawn care tasks that require a little more finesse ... read more »

Solving Lawn Problems

If your green thumb fails you and your lawn develops problems, the Web sites in this section can ... read more »

Finding and Hiring a Lawn Care Company

If you're too busy to maintain your lawn yourself, or you'd just like to leave the work to the ... read more »

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