Mold and Pest Prevention


Home Protection

We often rely on our homes to protect us from the perils of the outside world, but what protects our homes? Whether the threat is a natural disaster or burglars, insects, or bacteria, there are a variety of potential dangers facing our homes each day. Take charge of keeping your home (and your family) safe with the help of the excellent Web sites we've included in this guide.

Mold and Pest Prevention

Unless you’ve made some interesting pet choices, there's a good chance anything in your home with more than four legs is an unwanted guest. Finding something growing in your home that you haven't planted yourself will likely also be an unpleasant surprise. Whether you’ve got a minor irritant or serious health and structural problem, we’ve found credible Web sites that can help you get rid of it, and sites to help you prevent these hazards from ever getting inside.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • The Web sites in this section offer some preventative measures you can take to stop mold growth in your home but in essence it all comes down to keeping your home as dry as possible inside.
  • If you're not comfortable trying to handle a mold problem yourself, you’ll want to make sure that whomever you hire has proper training and experience. Checking for membership in a professional organization like the National Association of Mold Professionals is a good place to start.

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