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Home Protection

We often rely on our homes to protect us from the perils of the outside world, but what protects our homes? Whether the threat is a natural disaster or burglars, insects, or bacteria, there are a variety of potential dangers facing our homes each day. Take charge of keeping your home (and your family) safe with the help of the excellent Web sites we've included in this guide.

Intruder Protection

The FBI reports that in 2005 alone, more than two million burglary offenses were committed in the United States. Even the thought of having an unwanted person in your home can be frightening, so we've found some Web sites that can help you learn what you should do to protect your family and your home against criminal activity.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • You'll find an abundant list of Web sites selling home security products. Before you start buying alarm systems and security cameras, check the sites we've listed here to learn how to select the right security system and make other necessary corrections that can improve the safety of your home.
  • If you're considering buying a gun to keep in your home, make sure you follow necessary safety precautions. The National Rifle Association has a list of gun safety tips for parents.

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