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You’ve probably heard the old phrase “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” But when was the last time you could describe your home that way? Occasionally, things get out of hand, or you’re simply tired of an untidy room or cluttered closet and need a little help sorting out the mess. Whether your question is how to start organizing your home, how to know if you should keep an item or get rid of it, or how to maintain the organized home you’ve achieved, we’ve found helpful Web sites that can give you some answers.

Start Organizing Your Home

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Home Organization Products

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Professional Home Organizers

If you feel like a room in your home, or even your entire home, is in too much of a disorganized state to start restoring order by yourself, there are professional home organizers and other people who can help. We’ve found some Web sites that teach you where to look for assistance with your space.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • If you use a professional organizer, make sure you understand all of the costs involved—not just the fees for the organizer’s services, but also the cost of any storage products that need to be purchased. Some organizers will keep costs at a minimum by using storage supplies you already have. Others will suggest items for you to purchase. Others still may purchase organizational tools for you and possibly bill you for the time they spend shopping. Know what you want to spend in your efforts to make your home more orderly, and make this clear to the professional organizer before you get started.
  • Most professional organizers have Web sites that include before-and-after photos of their work. View these before hiring anyone to see if you really like their particular approach to home organization.
  • Sometimes the hurdle of home organization is emotional, rather than needing help deciding where to put your stuff. If you just can’t bring yourself to part with any of your possessions, professional help is available to aid you in the process.
  • According to the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation, hoarding is a compulsion most commonly affecting people with obsessive compulsive disorder. For this reason, we’ve included online resources for OCD support groups and treatment in this section. For help finding a therapist who may help with the problem, see our findingDulcinea Counseling and Therapy Web Guide.

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Disposing of the Clutter

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Maintaining an Organized Home

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