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You’ve probably heard the old phrase “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” But when was the last time you could describe your home that way? Occasionally, things get out of hand, or you’re simply tired of an untidy room or cluttered closet and need a little help sorting out the mess. Whether your question is how to start organizing your home, how to know if you should keep an item or get rid of it, or how to maintain the organized home you’ve achieved, we’ve found helpful Web sites that can give you some answers.

Start Organizing Your Home

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Home Organization Products

If you find your home lacking in storage space or you just aren’t sure what to do with some of those oddly shaped containers or items, it’s possible to find home organization products, such as specialized storage as well as other organizational items on the Web.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Remember to consider shipping and handling costs when you purchase larger items like filing cabinets. You might save yourself a few dollars by purchasing bigger organization tools locally.
  • If you’re not comfortable buying things online, do some window shopping at these online stores anyway; some of them have real-world counterparts, so you might find an item on the Web that you are also able to locate in a local store. 
  • Some of the sites recommended in the “Start organizing your home” section of this guide also suggest products that may be useful to your home organization projects. We’ve repeated a couple of the blogs from that section here for their helpful product reviews.
  • Many Web sites offer storage and display solutions designed for the dedicated collector of a specific type of item. The Web sites of your favorite price guide or of the companies that manufacture your collectibles are great places to start looking. For example, trading card and memorabilia price guide publisher Beckett Media has an online marketplace with a “Collecting Supplies” section, and the maker of Pez dispensers links to third-party display shelves in the “Other Pez Products” section of its site.

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Maintaining an Organized Home

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