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Building your own home is an often exciting, sometimes exhausting experience. It’s also a perfect chance to have a home that’s designed the way you want it to look. But whether you’re hiring a general contractor or doing most of the work yourself, it takes a lot of forethought and planning. The sites highlighted in this Web guide can help you find inspiration to create the home of your dreams and get much-needed help to ensure you don’t miss one of the many details that accompany this endeavor.

Steps to Building a Home

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The Cost of Building a Home

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Choosing a Construction Site and House Style

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Building Codes, Building Permits and Variances

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Architects and Blueprints

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Finding and Hiring a Contractor

Many people may help you build your home, but you’ll likely have one general contractor overseeing the project. Get the right person for the job by using the Web sites below for help finding, screening and hiring a contractor.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Associations exist for professionals engaged in the many aspects of home construction, including masons, electricians, roofers and more. The Web sites of such associations may help you find certified professionals in your area that perform the type of work you require. has a directory of many of these associations.
  • Industry and trade association Web sites will most likely have some self-promotional material. Try to stay objective as you browse through site content. Ultimately, your goal is to find the professionals that can best meet your needs and wants during the construction of your home.
  • When trying to narrow down your list of potential contractors, check for those contractors online to see if they have Web sites with photos of work they’ve done. Seeing some of their work may help you make your decision.

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