The Cost of Building a Home


Home Building

Building your own home is an often exciting, sometimes exhausting experience. It’s also a perfect chance to have a home that’s designed the way you want it to look. But whether you’re hiring a general contractor or doing most of the work yourself, it takes a lot of forethought and planning. The sites highlighted in this Web guide can help you find inspiration to create the home of your dreams and get much-needed help to ensure you don’t miss one of the many details that accompany this endeavor.

Steps to Building a Home

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The Cost of Building a Home

The cost of building a home depends on a multitude of factors, including what type of home you want, how lavish you want the home to be, the contractor you use, and even interest rates on any financing you may require to build your home. The sites in this section offer cost calculators, show you how to set up and follow a home-building budget, and provide valuable information about obtaining loans to pay for your project.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Remember that any cost calculators you use on the Web can provide only general estimates of what you might pay to build your home. Labor costs vary from contractor to contractor, and materials prices vary from state to state (or store to store). Many calculators rely on averages to develop their estimates.
  • If you require a loan to build your new home, your personal credit plays an important role in the financing you receive. For more information about understanding your credit, and how to improve it if need be, see our findingDulcinea Credit Web Guide.

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Choosing a Construction Site and House Style

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Architects and Blueprints

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Finding and Hiring a Contractor

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Do-It-Yourself Home Building

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Sustainable Home Building

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Home Inspections, Walkthroughs and Homeowner’s Insurance

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Home Building Message Boards

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