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“Going green” and adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle may be all the rage, but truly changing your lifestyle and habits can be a challenge. If you know where to look, though, the Internet can be an important part of your sustainable world. The resources in this Web guide explain how to reduce your environmental impact in ways big and small. So get started with green living, and even find out where to connect with other green people and organizations.

Going Green

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Environmental Activism

It’s nice to know you’re not the only person out of the world’s six billion who is doing something to throw Mother Nature a bone. The Internet offers so many opportunities to meet new people and participate in environmental activism from the convenience of your home. Use the Web sites recommended below to explore different groups of environmentally conscious people.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Some environmentalist Web sites provide prewritten letters to send to politicians or corporate executives, and you often have the opportunity to tweak or edit the letter to make it more personalized. Editing a letter makes it less generic and thus more effective.
  • Sometimes it’s more beneficial to see the initiatives other people and organizations have taken, rather than reading article after article on the subject. Many environmental activists chronicle their endeavors on their Web sites, making it easy to learn by example.
  • Social networking Web sites like MySpace and Facebook have innovative new mediums for people to express their ideas and concerns. Check your preferred social networking site for groups of environmentally conscious members, and make friends with other like-minded folks.

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