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Think of the Web as your personal nutritionist. On it you'll find weight loss tools for evaluating your current food intake, exercise patterns, and health and weight status, along with weight loss plans, tools, and techniques for improving your weight and overall health.

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Diet Plans

The best way to choose a diet plan is to take a look at a wide range of plans so that you can choose one that best suits your lifestyle and health needs. Online you'll find a variety of sites that list the different plans available.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Since there are many online sites to choose from and their prices vary significantly, you should choose a site that offers you the most customized diet possible for your money and time investment. If you are simply looking for a place to review nutrition information and evaluate your current diet and log your intake, you may not need a site with sophisticated features.
  • Even fee-based sites usually allow the customer a trial period during which you can test the plan or program for free. Take advantage of these if you are "diet shopping." You can try a few different sites and then purchase the tool from the site that you found easiest and most helpful.
  • Many popular diets have online counterparts. For example, if you pay to join Weight Watchers, you can use its Web site to access support and information or as a supplement to the in-person meetings.

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