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Terminal Illness

Patients living with a terminal illness, and those who care for them, are confronted with a profound and difficult situation. Questions about coping, living fruitful days, interacting with loved ones, and preparing for the inevitable will certainly arise. In this guide we'll help answer these questions by connecting you to advice and information from experts around the Web.

Diagnosis of Terminal Illness

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Helping Someone Who Has a Terminal Illness

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Pain Management

If you're suffering, there are ways to manage the painful symptoms of your illness. Although much of the information on end-of-life pain focuses on cancers, it's often applicable to other illnesses. The Web sites in this section offer resources for coping with and reducing your suffering.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • On any respectable health Web site you'll find a disclaimer reading something like this: "the information here is meant as a complement to, but not a substitute for, your doctor's advice." And although this reads like a warning, it's also a suggestion: use the information you find to become an active participant in the decisions relating to your healthcare.
  • Consider looking at Web sites that offer alternative or holistic methods of pain control. While medications will likely be necessary to manage your pain, other methods such as relaxation techniques may help you gain better control.

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