Having surgery can be a scary event, both for the individual undergoing the procedure and for the patient's friends and family. Arming yourself with information about the surgery before it happens can help settle your nerves. Figure out what to expect from a specific procedure, how to select a doctor and hospital, how to prepare your home, and where to seek support.

Surgery Basics

If you or a friend or family member is exploring the idea of surgery, you probably have many ... read more »

Choosing a Surgeon and Hospital

Choosing a surgeon and medical facility that you're comfortable with is a critical decision after ... read more »

Preparation for Surgery

Your doctor, of course, will always be your best source of medical advice, but the Web also ... read more »

Surgery Support Groups

If you need to share your feelings or concerns about a surgical procedure, ... read more »

Children and Surgery

Surgery for children can pose unique challenges and concerns. The Web can answer some questions you ... read more »

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