Sun Protection

sun protection

Sun Protection

With blooming flowers and warmer temperatures comes the temptation to bask in the sun. But before getting out the lawn chair and tanning oil, remember that the sun’s UV rays can cause premature aging of the skin, skin cancer and sometimes even eye damage. Increased awareness and changing attitudes about tanning have brought about a slew of safe ways to guard you from UV exposure. Use the Web resources in this guide to learn about sun protection.

The Dangers of Sun Exposure

Though most everyone is aware that sun exposure can cause wrinkles and skin cancer, most people ... read more »

Sun Protection

There’s more to sun protection than wearing sunscreen. Use the Web sites in this section to discover what you can do to keep your child safe from UV rays, find information that will appeal to teens and learn about recommended sun-protective clothing and accessories. You’ll even find information on sunburn relief.

Insights for Sun Protection

  • As if health risks aren’t reason enough to avoid the sun, there’s another reason: Fashion and beauty insiders say tanning is so last season. Watch the video on the Skin Cancer Foundation site to hear Jane Larkworthy, W Magazine beauty director, talk about how “Skin that’s not tanned is gorgeous.”
  • Still insist on tanning? At least educate yourself on the sunless tanning options available; see the “Tanning” section of the findingDulcinea Skin Care Web Guide for more information.

Top Sites for Sun Protection

For an overview of sun protection methods …
For parents …
For teens …
For sunscreen and sun-protective products …
For treating sunburn …
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