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Stress: Management and Relief

Everyone experiences stress at some point in life, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But too much stress, or enduring it for too long, can hurt your health. The Web has many sites to help you learn what stress is, how it affects the body, how to find stress relief, how to manage stress, and what researchers are learning about it.

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Management of stress

Although many factors in life can cause stress, there are many practical, at-home ways of managing it. In addition to techniques such as yoga, meditation, and even just sitting down with a good book, you can take steps to reduce the level of stress you experience, and prevent the onset of further stress reactions. This may require you to turn down that request to bake cookies for your kid’s soccer team, or it may be as simple as keeping track of project and paper deadlines so you don’t get nasty surprises. This section has links to help with stress reduction and management.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Although there are many popular techniques to reduce stress, experts also say that not every method works for everyone. If you find a technique that works for you but isn’t as popular, go ahead and use it. But keep in mind that using alcohol or drugs is not considered a valid stress management technique, and does more harm than good.
  • Stress management tips generally focus on what a person can do on his/her own. But chronic stress can develop into an anxiety disorder, which can require professional treatment and sometimes medication. If you suspect stress is starting to become more of an anxiety issue, try taking tests developed by the Anxiety Disorders Association of America. Find tests for parents to assess children, and for people to get an idea of whether they may have other anxiety disorders.
  • Many Web sites devoted to stress agree that it’s not possible to entirely eliminate stress, given the demands of modern life. But these sites have tips to reduce stress or minimize its impact.

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