Sports Nutrition and Meal Planning


Sports Nutrition: Fuel up on Information

Athletes in any sport need to carefully consider their dietary choices. With team and endurance sports on the rise, the number of online resources detailing sports nutrition has also grown. In this guide you'll see what the Web has to offer on the topic, whether you're looking to improve your performance through nutrition, track your diet, find a nutritionist, or simply find healthy recipes to complement active lifestyle.

Sports Nutrition Basics

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Find a Sports Nutritionist

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Sports Nutrition and Supplements

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Good Foods for Athletes

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Sports Nutrition and Meal Planning

Just as it's important for athletes to monitor and record their workouts as part of their training, it can be equally useful to chart diet. By keeping a record of what food you're consuming, you can ensure that you're getting the variety and quantity your body needs for peak performance.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Online forums are a great way to discuss nutrition concerns and questions with fellow athletes. Listed in our picks below are two such sites. While the advice you receive on the forums should always be confirmed with a registered dietician, it is still valuable to share ideas with other athletes, coaches, and nutritionists in-the-know.
  • With the rise in awareness about good nutrition in sports performance, there are now a slew of sophisticated online tools that can help you pinpoint what you might be missing in your diet, and track your progress alongside your athletic or recreational training. Most of these interactive sites are free or inexpensive.

Dulcinea's Picks

For meal planning and food logs ...
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