Sports Nutrition Basics


Sports Nutrition: Fuel up on Information

Athletes in any sport need to carefully consider their dietary choices. With team and endurance sports on the rise, the number of online resources detailing sports nutrition has also grown. In this guide you'll see what the Web has to offer on the topic, whether you're looking to improve your performance through nutrition, track your diet, find a nutritionist, or simply find healthy recipes to complement active lifestyle.

Sports Nutrition Basics

Successful athletic performance is a function of three primary factors: training, rest, and nutrition. Each of these factors relies upon the next, and without any one component your delicately constructed temple of fitness will erode. Nutrition is what fuels training, and what allows for muscular rebuilding during resting periods. Without it, no athlete is fully prepared.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Before you delve into the specifics of sports nutrition, consult the findingDulcinea Nutrition Web Guide for basic information and nutritional resources. That guide can help you improve your diet, learn about allergies, and find nutritionists online.
  • The government sites below provide a good background to sports nutrition as they contain the most officially accredited information on the foods and supplements legally available on the market. Government sites also provide recommended and well-studied nutrition standards you can adhere to.
  • Of course, nutritional requirements are always varied-not only between sports, but between age groups, weight ranges, and genders as well. Take a look at general online resources, like magazines or blogs, that cater to your sport to learn about the healthy habits of other athletes like you. These sites often have useful articles pertaining to nutrition for specific demographics, too.

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