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Rest Assured: The Web Can Help You Sleep Better

If you're having trouble sleeping, seek counsel! And with the Web acting as your personal sleep counselor, you'll find advice on getting a good night's sleep, information on what could be keeping you up at night, a host of theories about the function and meaning of dreams, resources to help you sleep better, and the latest professional research.

Basics of Sleep

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Sleep Disorders

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Find a Sleep Clinic

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Sleeping Aids

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Sleep Research

Around the world scientists are constantly experimenting, polling, and researching in the area of sleep to better understand its function and importance. A number of the world's largest sleep societies publish their findings in the form of papers and articles in academic journals. Lucky for us, the contents of these journals are available online so that, should we be so inclined, we can keep on the cutting edge of modern sleep scholarship.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • The following journals have varying degrees of accessibility. For instance Journal Sleep and Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine make abstracts for articles in current issues available, but require users to either subscribe or obtain association memberships to access full text. The Journal of Sleep Research and Sleep and Biological Rhythms make much more available for free, but still require subscription fees for total access.
  • As scholarly journals, the articles are heavily technical in nature, which may be great for some, but possibly unnecessary for the layman. Before subscribing, check out sample articles, abstracts, and titles to see whether you'd be interested.

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