Rest Assured: The Web Can Help You Sleep Better

If you're having trouble sleeping, seek counsel! And with the Web acting as your personal sleep counselor, you'll find advice on getting a good night's sleep, information on what could be keeping you up at night, a host of theories about the function and meaning of dreams, resources to help you sleep better, and the latest professional research.

Basics of Sleep

If we get the doctor-recommended eight hours of sleep each night, we'll spend 122 days of each ... read more »

Sleep Disorders

If you or a loved one is experiencing difficulty sleeping at night, or excessive sleepiness during ... read more »

Find a Sleep Clinic

Anyone who's having sleep-related health problems should give serious consideration to sleep ... read more »

Sleeping Aids

Polls indicate that most Americans aren't sleeping well, and many of us are turning to sleep aids ... read more »


Dreams have been a source of study, speculation, and interpretation for all of history. Their ... read more »

Sleep Research

Around the world scientists are constantly experimenting, polling, and researching in the area of ... read more »

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