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Skin Care

Let the Web familiarize you with the special needs of your skin, and teach you good skin care habits to help you look and feel your best. If you have a specific skin condition you need to treat, are looking for skin care products to purchase or want to develop a regular skin care routine, the Skin Care Web Guide can help.

Skin Types

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Ethnic Skin

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Skin Care Routine

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Skin Conditions

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Skin Treatments

Skin treatments can be purely cosmetic, or for medical purposes. You may have heard of options like botox or microdermabrasions but are unsure of what those processes entail. The sites below provide definitions and detailed information about professional skin care treatments.

Insights for Skin Treatments

  • If you're considering a complicated skin procedure, it's wise to go through a certified professional or dermatologist. Although some salons and spas offer treatments at lower prices, the risk might not be worth taking. Visit this guide's “Dermatologists” section to find one nearby.
  • If you choose to have a treatment done at a salon or spa, be sure that it's sanitary. One good way to do this is to inquire about sterilization processes.
  • Don’t get any treatments done if you have a big event planned or are going to be spending time in the sun. Many dermatological processes can irritate skin or make it light sensitive.

Top Sites for Skin Treatments

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Find a Dermatologist

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Skin Care Products

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Skin Damage

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