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Pilates is a system of focused movements and breathing techniques aimed at improving flexibility, posture, and strength without adding muscle mass. Pilates exercises draw on the "powerhouse" region of the body, comprised of the abs and buttocks, for the execution of poses. Whether you’re a staunch Pilates devotee, or are interested in finding some Pilates classes in your neighborhood, the following guide has the information you’ll need to enhance your practice (and your butt!).


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Doing Pilates

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Types of Pilates

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Pilates Gear

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Pilates Certification

The following organizations have developed official certification programs and standards for what makes a good, safe Pilates teacher. You'll learn about teacher certification programs and requirements in the sites below.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Most of the organizations below offer their own teacher training programs, but in some cases, alternate training is accepted, especially if a teacher has a number of years of experience. Review the details listed on each site carefully.
  • The schools of Pilates listed in the "What are the different kinds of Pilates?" section of this guide also offer certification programs.

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