Children and Physical Disabilities


Physical Disabilities: The First Step Is Understanding

Physical disabilities come in a range of forms, and they stem from a variety of causes. On the Web, you will find sites that provide resources to help you understand, find ways to limit the impact of, and get support for your physical disability.

What are Physical Disabilities?

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Types of Physical Therapy and Treatment Centers

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Coping with Physical Disability

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Children and Physical Disabilities

With the helpful instruction provided by these Web sites, you'll be able to teach your children how to cope with their own physical disabilities or how to respond sensitively to a friend or loved one with a disability.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • By learning as much as possible about your child's disability (or another child's disability) before attempting to explain a particular condition, you will likely feel more equipped to answer any questions that arise and alleviate any fears your child might have.
  • Some of the sites below, including, label their content clearly by age group, making it easy for you to consider your child's age level and mental and emotional maturity when determining what material to read.

Dulcinea's Picks

To learn about your child's disability …
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