Types of Physical Therapy and Treatment Centers


Physical Disabilities: The First Step Is Understanding

Physical disabilities come in a range of forms, and they stem from a variety of causes. On the Web, you will find sites that provide resources to help you understand, find ways to limit the impact of, and get support for your physical disability.

What are Physical Disabilities?

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Types of Physical Therapy and Treatment Centers

With treatment or some type of therapy, it is possible to overcome or reduce the effects of certain disabilities. We've selected some Web sites that can help you learn about the treatment options available for physical disabilities.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Many hospital Web sites offer a virtual tour of their facility. If this feature is not available for a hospital that interests you, see if you can tour the facility in person before you seek treatment there. Sometimes, this firsthand assessment can help alleviate fears that patients may have about seeking treatment for a disability.
  • When you’re reviewing the Web site of a major health organization or association, look for a “consumers” or “public” page. There you’ll find easy-to-understand information and often find other resources that can help you.
  • On some hospital Web sites, you’ll be able to make an online request for an appointment at a facility. An option such as this would likely be available in a “Patients and Public” section of the site.

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