Medication: The Facts on Prescription, Over-the-Counter, and Herbal Medications

Medications have many forms. When taken correctly, they can be lifesaving, but if misused or abused, their effects can be deadly. The sites featured in this guide can help you learn about medications by distinguishing between the different kinds, providing usage instructions and overviews of specific drugs, outlining ways to find help paying for medication, and more.

Types of Medication

The types of medication that people take at home can be divided into two groups: prescription and ... read more »

Medication Information

Alcohol will decrease antibiotics’ effectiveness. People who take a group of psychiatric ... read more »

Help Paying for Prescription Drugs

It costs pharmaceutical companies millions of dollars to research medicines, get a prescription ... read more »

Medication Management

Medications are largely safe, but like anything else, accidents can happen. Because millions of ... read more »

Drug News

Pharmaceutical research is a multi-billion-dollar industry that changes every day. These sites have ... read more »

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