What Are Learning Disabilities?


Learning Disabilities: Resources for Treatment, Research and News

Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney and many other extremely successful people in history overcame learning disabilities despite a lack of information and tools to help them. Today, those with learning disabilities have the benefit of technology to help them succeed. Learn about learning disability symptoms, the importance of proper diagnosis, treatment plans and available resources.

What Are Learning Disabilities?

Learning disabilities are never outgrown, but with proper identification, support and intervention, people with learning disabilities can be successful in learning and in life. Find valuable sites for understanding learning disabilities below.

Insights for Understanding Learning Disabilities

  • LD is a common abbreviation for learning disabilities. You may see this term used frequently on Web sites, and it can work in conjunction with another search term if you're looking for specific information on learning disabilities.
  • There aren't many LD sites that children can read and explore on their own, but we've found some good ones that are listed below.
  • Many of the sites listed in this section are those of organizations that support people with learning disabilities. Membership to these organizations often requires a fee but most of the information on these sites is available for free.
  • Learning disabilities can be combined with other disorders, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which is considered an attention disorder and not a learning disorder. Find more information in our findingDulcinea ADHD Web Guide.

Top Sites for Understanding Learning Disabilities

For general information on understanding learning disabilities...
For children's resources ...
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Types of Learning Disabilities

There are many types of LDs, such as dyscalculia (trouble with math), dysgraphia (trouble with writing) and dyspraxia (difficulty with fine motor skills). The sites below can help you understand the most common types of learning disabilities.

Insights for Types of Learning Disabilities

  • If you or your child suffers from a learning disability that's more "obscure" than the ones listed below, don't despair. The general sites mentioned earlier in this guide are an excellent source of information for all LDs.
  • Many techniques for compensating for a learning disability can apply to more than one disorder. It doesn't hurt to research and read up on various disabilities to find helpful tips.

Top Sites for Types of Learning Disabilities

For information on dyslexia (difficulty with reading) ...
For information on dyscalculia (difficulty with math) ...
For information on dysgraphia (difficulty with writing) ...
For information on dyspraxia (difficulty with fine motor skills) ...
For information on other learning disorders ...
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Treatment for Learning Disabilities

The more parents understand the treatment options for learning disabilities, the better equipped they will be to support their child at home and effectively advocate for their child at school.

Insights for Learning Disabilities Treatment

  • It's never too late to get help and treatment for a learning disability. Adults who may not have known that a learning disability was behind their struggles with reading, writing or processing information may be greatly relieved to discover the reason for their difficulties. Many sites feature information for adults with a learning disorder.

Top Sites for Learning Disabilities Treatment

For treating or managing LDs ...
For clinical trials ...
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Learning Disabilities Support

If you or your child is struggling with an LD, there's plenty of learning disabilities support available. Seek out sites with a positive, hopeful tone and become part of an online community.

Insights for Learning Disabilities Support

  • Learning disabilities can impact a person's self-esteem as they struggle to keep up with others, or fail to progress. Online communities can be a great way for people with learning disabilities to connect with others and get support.
  • If you're an adult suffering from a learning disorder, you can still benefit from advice and tips designed to help children. You may find tools and workarounds on the community sites below that can be used at your place of employment.

Top Sites for Learning Disabilities Support

For information and learning disabilities support ...
For sites with message boards and forums ...
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College Life With Learning Disabilities

If your child is going off to school, you'll want her to be as prepared as possible. Use the sites below to get advice on college life with learning disabilities and find out how to help your child make a successful transition to the adult world.

Insights for College Life With Learning Disabilities

  • Even if college seems like a long way off, go ahead and read up on the information. Your child can practice breaking down large tasks into smaller ones and working independently; these are skills it's best to acquire before they leave home.
  • Many universities are now expanding their support services to ensure the success of students with learning disabilities. Extra options may include distraction-reduced testing centers, and low-cost or free tutoring sessions. Many university Web sites provide information about the programs they have for students with learning disabilities.
  • Be sure to research and take advantage of the extra time offered to learning disabled students on standardized tests.
  • High school special education staff can provide support with identifying talents and vocational interests, training, information on programs and services in college, and counseling.

Top Sites for College Life With Learning Disabilities

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Learning Disability Research and News

Whether you're an adult with a learning disorder or the parent of a child with an LD, you may benefit from keeping up with the latest learning disability research and news.

Insights for Learning Disability Research and News

  • Make sure to check the general LD sites mentioned in the first section of this guide for the latest learning disability research and news. The sites listed below tend to focus on academic research that may not necessarily be written in layman's terms.
  • Ask the special education team at your child's school for help interpreting some of the newest learning disability research and news, if need be.

Top Sites for Learning Disability Research and News

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Community Links in Learning Disabilities

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