Hair loss


Hair Loss: Help for the Dis-Tressed

There have been some great developments in the world of hair-loss prevention and treatment, but quack remedies and sales pitches disguised as information are still as abundant online as they are on late-night television. We’ve sifted through it all to find the most reliable Web sites; in this guide you’ll find credible information about the different ways to prevent, treat, or even just to feel comfortable embracing your hair loss. Whether you are just curious about what’s out there or you want some personal advice from a physician about your hair loss, you’ll find what you need on the Web.

Hair Loss Causes

We all lose a little hair each day (actually, according to Medline Plus, we lose about 100 hairs ... read more »

Treating Hair Loss

Even if your hair loss is not connected to an underlying medical condition, there are quite a few ... read more »

Hair Loss Support

Hair loss is by no means an uncommon condition. On the Web you’ll find plenty of places to ... read more »

Hair Loss News and Research

Read about the latest studies and headlines for hair loss.

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