Anyone looking for information on epilepsy will find the Web to be a great source of information. The country’s top epilepsy research and advocacy organizations and the Web’s top consumer health Web sites, as well as the federal government, make getting the facts you need a cinch. Use this Web guide to learn about the basics of epilepsy, how to cope with it, how to find a support community, and more.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a condition in which a person experiences repeated seizures that are electrical ... read more »

Epilepsy Diagnosis and Treatment

Epilepsy’s main symptom is repeated seizures, but doctors use a variety of tests to diagnose ... read more »

Living with Epilepsy

Life with epilepsy can pose a number of challenges. Depending on the condition’s severity, ... read more »

Epilepsy Support

Epilepsy is a relatively common disorder: more than 3 million people in America are affected by it ... read more »

Epilepsy News and Research

Epilepsy is an extensively researched condition. On the National Institutes of Health’s ... read more »

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