General End-of-Life Information

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End-of-Life Issues

Death is a subject most people don’t want to discuss and yet death is an inevitable part of life. Use this Web Guide to help prepare for your death or the death of someone you love. The resources here can help you manage your finances or estate in advance, and access funeral and bereavement resources.

General End-of-Life Information

While many Web sites focus on specific areas of death and dying, these Web sites cover most elements in the death and bereavement process. Look to these for information on the process of death, hospitalization, writing a will, planning a funeral, grieving and more.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • WebMD provides a glossary of end-of-life terms that you may encounter when doing research.
  • The Next Of Kin Registry (NOKR) is a free emergency contact system that allows you to track your loved ones in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. Register with the site to store your emergency contacts, next of kin and important medical information.

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Grief Resources

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