Learning About and Living with Diabetes

Diabetes is diagnosed in Americans with increasing frequency. It is a condition requiring careful management and awareness by both the patient and his family.  Fortunately,  the Internet has made this task easier. Whether you're researching adult or juvenile diabetes, or if you seek help for yourself or for a loved one, the Web offers many resources for understanding diabetes and its treatments. Click here to read this guide in Spanish.

What Is Diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is commonly called juvenile diabetes, and type two is called adult onset ... read more »

Risk Factors for Diabetes

Researchers haven't pinpointed the cause of type 1 diabetes, and so are unsure what risk factors ... read more »

Diagnosing Diabetes

When you're pregnant, most doctors check for gestational diabetes as a part of routine care. Type 1 ... read more »

Treating Diabetes

Diabetes, depending on its severity, can be managed through diet and exercise, medication, ... read more »

Diabetes Complications

Because diabetes affects the sugar in your blood, and your blood constantly travels to ... read more »

Diabetes Support

People with chronic illnesses can have difficulty finding doctors and support, particularly when ... read more »

Type 1 Diabetes and Children

Kids and teens can be stubborn when it comes to taking the advice of parents. Directing your kids ... read more »

Eating Well with Diabetes

You don't need to put aside good food and good times if you have diabetes, even though there are ... read more »

Diabetes Research

Research findings are often reported in mainstream media but they can be sensationalized. If you ... read more »

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