Dental Health


Dental Health

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a quarter of people over the age of 60 have lost all of their teeth. Advanced gum disease affects up to 15 percent of adults, and an estimated 31,000 people were diagnosed with oral cancer in 2006. But the CDC also says “almost all oral diseases can be prevented.” This guide provides resources to help adults and children care for their teeth and mouth.

What is Dental Health?

Dental health means strong teeth and healthy gums. Research suggests that beyond eating and ... read more »

Caring for Your Teeth

Advice for keeping your teeth and mouth healthy is pretty standard: brush your teeth after meals, ... read more »

Dental Problems

The mouth is at risk for all sorts of problems, such as a cavities, dry mouth or more serious ... read more »

Finding a Dentist

A major component to having good dental health is regular visits to the dentist. This section has ... read more »

Dental News and Research

New discoveries into why teeth decay occurs and how to prevent it are announced all the time. ... read more »

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