Paying for Counseling and Therapy


Counseling and Therapy: Finding Emotional Support on the Web

Life's events can occasionally lead to an array of complicated feelings and emotions. Sometimes we're able to sort out these feelings ourselves, or with the help of family or friends. Other times, it might be necessary to talk to a trained counselor or therapist who can help us get to the root of our difficulties. If you or someone you know needs this specialized assistance, the Web sites in this guide can point you in the right direction.

What is Counseling?

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Types of Therapy

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Problems Addressed in Therapy

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Children and Therapy

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Paying for Counseling and Therapy

Financial considerations may affect your decision to seek therapy. The Web can tell you what you need to know about paying for therapy or counseling and whether you can expect your insurance company to chip in.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Make sure you have verified the legitimacy of any online (or in person) counseling you receive in order to protect yourself from being subject to scams or fraud.
  • If you find a therapist's site online, you'll likely find a fee schedule somewhere on the site.

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