Complementary and Alternative Medicine


Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Outside the Western health care system is an entire world of medical treatment practices to which many Americans have little exposure. These therapies are lumped into a single category known as “complementary medicine and alternative medicine” (CAM). Though the effectiveness and usefulness of some treatments are questioned, not all remain outside the mainstream. Many are now widely available and encouraged in western health care, according to the National Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

What Is Complementary and Alternative Medicine?

“Alternative medicine” and “complementary medicine” are terms for therapies ... read more »

Types of CAM

The phrase “complementary and alternative medicine” encompasses a wide variety of ... read more »

Finding an Alternative Medicine Doctor

Because alternative and complementary medical practitioners aren’t always in the mainstream ... read more »

CAM News and Research

The Web has a number of databases that house alternative and complementary medicine research. As ... read more »

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