Children's Health


Children's Health: Information and Peace of Mind

As a parent, nothing is more important than the health of your child. Thanks to the Internet, information about all facets of your child's health is just a click away. Use the Children's Health Web guide to find the most reliable information on keeping your child healthy.

Overview of Children's Health

Though your child's doctor may be the best source of information, there are times when the doctor ... read more »

Baby Health

Although general sites about pediatric health can be very resourceful, below are sites that ... read more »

Kids Health

Find age-specific health advice for your child with these sites devoted to kids ... read more »

Health Information for Kids

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Children's Health Insurance

Children require more frequent doctor's visits and vaccinations than adults, and this can get ... read more »

Finding a Pediatrician

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Children's Health Communities

Message boards and chat rooms are very popular for parents and caregivers seeking advice and ... read more »

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