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Children’s Fitness: Helping Your Child Stay Active

These days it's probably more common to find a remote, keyboard or video game controller in the hands of a child at play than a ball, glove or earthworm. And because physical activity is so important during the formative years of children's lives, it's crucial to ensure they're getting the exercise they need. Use the Children's Fitness Web Guide to get insight into childhood exercise and tips for getting kids off the couch and into the yard.

Exercises for Kids

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Fun Fitness for Kids

Chances are you'll have better luck getting your child moving if there's an element of fun to the ... read more »

Nutrition for Kids

Physical fitness is about more than just exercise—it’s about good nutrition. In today's ... read more »

Fitness for Children With Special Needs

Children with disabilities face unique challenges, but in many instances they can still participate ... read more »

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