What Is Prostate Cancer?

prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers in men. Despite this, many men still aren't following the recommended screening guidelines for early detection, nor are they taking important steps toward prevention. Use the Prostate Cancer Web Guide to answer your questions about prostate cancer.

What Is Prostate Cancer?

According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, a prostate cancer diagnosis can be particularly devastating to men, not just because it's a life-threatening condition but because of its potential effects on sexuality. Explore what prostate cancer is using the links below.

Insights for Prostate Cancer

  • Prostate cancer research foundations and institutes, such as the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada, offer free newsletters outlining developments in research, related articles and news, and site updates to those who wish to subscribe. If you'd like to keep on top of such information, sign up for "Prostate Cancer Connection."
  • In order to fully understand prostate cancer, it can be helpful to first take a look at how a healthy prostate gland functions. This description and diagram from the University of Chicago Medical Center should do the trick.

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For learning about the prostate and how it is affected by cancer ...
For general information on prostate cancer ... 
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Prostate Cancer Symptoms and Diagnosis

Prostate cancer symptoms often don't appear until the disease has progressed beyond the prostate. Use this section to learn more about the prostate cancer symptoms and diagnosis.

Insights for Prostate Cancer Symptoms and Diagnosis

  • A Digital Rectal Examination (DRE), which is a common test used to diagnose abnormalities in the prostate, is an event often dreaded and avoided by men. But this test is crucial for diagnosing prostate cancer, and it can be a lifesaver. 
  • On some of the following sites you'll learn techniques for broaching the subject of a prostate exam with your doctor.

Top Sites for Prostate Cancer Symptoms and Diagnosis

For prostate cancer symptoms ...
For prostate cancer screening and diagnostic tests ... 
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Prostate Cancer Prevention

Although some men might be genetically predisposed toward prostate cancer, there are steps everyone can take to reduce their chances of developing the disease. Use the sites below to learn more about prostate cancer prevention.

Insights for Prostate Cancer Prevention

  • When you're searching for information on prostate cancer prevention, you'll encounter a lot of Web sites trying to sell you something. If you feel as though a site is biased toward a certain product, be sure to check its authorship and credibility.

Top Sites for Prostate Cancer Prevention

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Prostate Cancer Treatment

Cryoablation, chemotherapy and hormone therapy are a few approaches a doctor might take when treating prostate cancer. Use this section to learn about prostate cancer treatment options, including what the procedures entail, how they're conducted and what they're meant to achieve.

Insights for Prostate Cancer Treatment

  • You may meet men with prostate cancer who have very different experiences than you will have. Web sites that describe the different treatments and why they're done may help you understand why different options are chosen for different men.

Top Sites for Prostate Cancer Treatment

For sites reviewing prostate cancer treatment options ...
For watchful waiting ...
For surgery ... 
For finding a urologist ... 
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Living With Prostate Cancer

After a prostate cancer diagnosis, a flood of questions can arise regarding how the disease will affect daily life, what its complications might be, what side effects could occur during treatment and how a patient should cope. Use the sites below to find advice on living with prostate cancer.

Insights for Living With Prostate Cancer

  • When reading about the effects of treatment, it's always important to keep in mind that not all men experience all the effects.
  • Information on prostate cancer, and particularly living with prostate cancer, is helpful not only to the patient but to anyone in their social or care circle.

Top Sites for Living With Prostate Cancer

For living with prostate cancer ...
For sexual and reproductive side effects of prostate cancer... 
For life after prostate cancer ...
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Prostate Cancer Support

Understanding, compassion and empathy from others who have experienced what you, a friend or loved one has experienced can be invaluable during life with prostate cancer, and afterwards in recovery. Use this section as a resource to find prostate cancer support.

Insights for Prostate Cancer Support

  • Even if you're not interested in chatting or posting in discussion forums, previously existing posts can be interesting, and occasionally insightful, reading.
  • Be wary of posters who try to sell products that are supposed to help you feel better or who try to get more personal information from you. Just as you can join any group, so can someone with less than honorable intentions.

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Prostate Cancer Research

Prostate cancer research is ongoing with many clinical trials in progress. Use the sites below to find the latest in prostate cancer research, and information on ongoing and currently recruiting clinical trials.

Insights for Prostate Cancer Research

  • Be sure to check the validity of any research findings you read about on the Web. Check the date that an article was published, the date that a site was last reviewed and (by clicking on "About Us" links) the people who run the site.

Top Sites for Prostate Cancer Research

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