What Is Ovarian Cancer?

ovarian cancer

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is considered a silent cancer because it has few symptoms in its earlier stages. By using the Ovarian Cancer Web Guide, you can learn about ovarian cancer, how it develops, risk factors and ovarian cancer treatment, and find advice on living after cancer.

What Is Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian cancer is often not detected until it has progressed beyond the early stages, making it harder to treat in many cases. Fortunately, now there is much information available online to help women learn what ovarian cancer is and possibly recognize the symptoms early.

Insights for Ovarian Cancer

  • Be sure that the sites you visit are reputable and dependable when doing health research. Check the "About Us" sections and when the sites were last updated. Try to find the most recent information rather than relying on older findings.
  • It isn't unusual to see the topic of ovarian cancer linked to breast cancer. To learn more about breast cancer, see our Breast Cancer Web Guide.

Top Sites for Ovarian Cancer

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For those who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer...
To debunk some myths about ovarian cancer... 
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Ovarian Cancer Symptoms and Diagnosis

The symptoms of ovarian cancer can be very subtle and easily confused with other physical problems, making it harder to know when to mention them to your doctor. In this section, you'll find Web sites that describe ovarian cancer symptoms and diagnosis.

Insights for Ovarian Cancer Symptoms and Diagnosis

  • Symptoms of ovarian cancer can be like those of other medical conditions; before jumping to any conclusion about what your symptoms may mean, discuss them with your doctor.
  • If you want a family member or friend to be with you when you see your doctor, encourage him or her to visit these Web sites to become familiar with the terms, making discussion that much easier.

Top Sites for Ovarian Cancer Symptoms and Diagnosis

For ovarian cancer symptoms ...
For ovarian cancer diagnosis ...
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Ovarian Cancer Risk

Unlike some cancers, ovarian cancer does not have many modifiable risks. That being said, there are some lifestyle changes that can be made to decrease the risk of developing cancer. Use the sites below to learn how you may reduce your ovarian cancer risk.

Insights for Ovarian Cancer Risk

  • There are a few lifestyle changes that can lower your risk for cancers in general. See the findingDulcinea Cancer Web Guide for more discussion of the ways to lower your risk.

Top Sites for Ovarian Cancer Risk

For information on ovarian cancer risk factors ...
For information on preventing ovarian cancer ...
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Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment usually involves any or all of the following: chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Which treatment you need depends on the type of cancer you have and how far it has progressed. Use the sites below to get familiar with ovarian cancer treatment options.

Insights for Ovarian Cancer Treatment

  • Some Web sites may recommend more aggressive or newly discovered ovarian cancer treatment options. Discuss with your doctor what treatment options will be safe and most effective for you.

Top Sites for Ovarian Cancer Treatment

To locate an ovarian cancer specialist ...
To learn about different ovarian cancer treatment options ...
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Ovarian Cancer Support

The Internet provides the opportunity to connect with people all over the country who can empathize with your experience. This section offers Web sites where you can find ovarian cancer support through forums, support groups and online newsletters.

Insights for Ovarian Cancer Support

  • To find support, you might have success looking at a more general cancer Web site than just one about ovarian cancer. Try out more than one support group to help you decide which is most helpful.
  • Bulletin boards are available 24 hours a day. Chats are often scheduled for certain times of the day; some sites have a chat function that allows members to start a real-time chat whenever they like.

Top Sites for Ovarian Cancer Support

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Ovarian Cancer Survivors

As an ovarian cancer survivor, you have different needs and concerns than a person who is still undergoing treatment. The Web sites in this section can help you by addressing some of the issues that come up after cancer treatment.

Insights for Ovarian Cancer Survivors

  • Cancer survivors often need a different kind of support from that of those who are actively fighting the disease. Look for links on some of the ovarian cancer sites listed above to lead you to these survivor support groups.

Top Sites for Ovarian Cancer Survivors

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Ovarian Cancer Research

Get the most recent news on ovarian cancer research, as well as sites to help you get involved in clinical trials.

Insights for Ovarian Cancer Research

  • Verify that the Web sites you're using are reputable and dependable. Look at their "About Us" link or their editorial policies to see where they obtain their information.
  • Some Web sites announce great new findings as loudly as they can. Research is slow and methodical; rarely is there an immediate breakthrough. Read these claims with caution.

Top Sites for Ovarian Cancer Research

For ovarian cancer research information ...
For ovarian cancer clinical trials ...
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