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Leukemia: Information, Research and Support

Leukemia is the most common blood cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, about 29,000 adults and 2,000 children are diagnosed with the disease each year. If you or someone you love is affected by leukemia, you'll want answers. Use the Leukemia Web Guide to find reliable information.

What Is Leukemia?

The best sources on the Web for learning about what leukemia is are reputable ... read more »

Leukemia Symptoms and Diagnosis

Leukemia symptoms can vary based on the patient, but frequent infections, ... read more »

Leukemia Treatment

Leukemia treatment varies depending on the type of leukemia, the stage of the ... read more »

Leukemia Hospitals

Although many hospitals treat leukemia, some are particularly renowned, or provide special services. Teaching hospitals, for example, often offer participation in clinical trials that are unavailable at other facilities. The sites below can acquaint you with some of the better known leukemia hospitals.

Insights for Leukemia Hospitals

  • Look for links to "Make an Appointment" or "Patient Referral" to find out how to become a patient at these hospitals. You'll either get a phone number or detailed information about the referral process.
  • In general, children's hospitals tend to have more non-medical programs for kids, such as day camps for kids with cancer or other entertainment-type events. If you're a parent with a child who has leukemia, look for links to other services offered by the hospital.

Top Sites for Leukemia Hospitals

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Clinical Trials for Leukemia

Clinical trials for leukemia allow patients to test new medications or treatments ... read more »

Leukemia Organizations

There are numerous nonprofit leukemia organizations that focus on raising funds ... read more »

Leukemia Research and News

Medical researchers are always working to develop new medications, treatments and screenings for ... read more »

Leukemia Awareness

If you or someone you love has leukemia, you may wish to help in some way. Many organizations and ... read more »

Leukemia Support

Sometimes the best support comes from other people who have lived through the same experience. ... read more »

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