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All those models may seem like they roll out of bed looking gorgeous, but we all know that kind of perfection takes hard work-and makeup. You can start your hard work by rolling out of bed and heading to your computer. Resources for buying and learning about makeup online are plentiful, and include online stores, blogs, and magazines discussing makeup techniques, homemade beauty products, organic makeup, and animal-test-free products, as well as supplies and beauty tools.

Buy Makeup Online

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Types of Makeup

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Makeup Tools

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Applying Makeup

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Homemade Makeup

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Cosmetics and Health

Natural makeup is one solution to the problem of cosmetic allergies, but in this section you'll also find resources to learn about some of the typical components in makeup and how you can avoid allergic reactions to the beauty products you buy.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Government-regulated sites like the FDA are a good place to start your research and stay informed about potential dangers or risks associated with cosmetic products. The FDA provides an official rundown of the current litigation information available for products on the U.S. market.
  • Nonprofit organizations concerned with natural products, fair trade, and organic produce are also valuable Web sites to check out (see below). However, you should always supplement the information you find on one of these sites with a second source, as each one has a distinct agenda and is not government-affiliated.

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