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All those models may seem like they roll out of bed looking gorgeous, but we all know that kind of perfection takes hard work-and makeup. You can start your hard work by rolling out of bed and heading to your computer. Resources for buying and learning about makeup online are plentiful, and include online stores, blogs, and magazines discussing makeup techniques, homemade beauty products, organic makeup, and animal-test-free products, as well as supplies and beauty tools.

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Types of Makeup

Some people have a makeup regime set in place and no interest in varying it. But if you like to mix things up a bit, or have minimal makeup experience, you might want a bit of advice on what product to try next. For assistance, look to the guides and product reviews listed below.

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  • If you're concerned about the ingredients in cosmetics, consult the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, which lists compliant cosmetic companies who exclude certain ingredients from their products.
  • While certain brands cater specifically to ethnic skin, most reputable brands on the market, whether drugstore labels or high-end products found in department stores, are available for every skin type and tone. A good indicator of the breadth of products available is usually the imagery on the company's Web site. Often the companies showcase their products on models (e.g., Aveda's "Get the Look" section).

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Applying Makeup

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Homemade Makeup

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Cosmetics and Health

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